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Confirmation Overview



All high school teens seeking the Sacrament of Confirmation will participate in a journey of formation and growth. This journey begins with weekly attendance at Life Teen. During this year the candidate will discern applying to Confirmation Prep for the following year and, with the help of their family, meet the requirements below.



A teen must meet the following requirements before enrolling in Confirmation Prep:‚Äč

  • Baptized validly as a Christian (Baptismal Certificate required)

  • Received their first Holy Communion

  • Participates weekly in Sunday Mass

  • Professes faith in Jesus Christ and has a personal desire to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation

  • Fully participated in one year of Life Teen (attended at least 18 of 23 Life Nights during the formation year)

  • At least a Sophomore in High School

PLEASE NOTE: If there is anything preventing a teen from beginning Confirmation Prep (such as a lack of desire for the sacrament, not yet being baptized, or not participating in Mass regularly) we still want them to feel at home! They are always welcome at youth activities such as Life Teen and retreats and can let us know what questions or concerns they have about faith, Catholicism, or religion in general.



Step 1: Meet the requirements listed above and reach out to parish staff if you have any questions or concerns.

Step 2: Submit a Registration Form by clicking below and then complete payment:

Submit Registration Form

Step 3: Upon reception of welcome email from staff, have candidate fill out the Confirmation Prep: Initial Interview form before October 1st. 



Participating in Holy Mass

Everything we do on our Catholic journey proceeds from and leads us back to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. By actively participating in liturgical worship as a community, we encounter the great mystery of Christ's love for us and the whole world. All are invited to join the youth ministry community at 5pm Sunday Mass every week throughout the year. Weekly Mass attendance (a basic of Catholic practice) is expected from candidates applying for Confirmation Prep.

Life Teen

Life Teen introduces teens to their peers, provides the opportunity for friendships to be formed, encourages participation in the larger parish community, and presents core Catholic beliefs in a dynamic way. During this year, candidates will discern applying to Confirmation Prep for the following year.

Confirmation Prep

Confirmation Prep builds on candidates' experiences in Life Teen, calling them to deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through a life of Christian discipleship and active participation God's plan of salvation. Candidates will 1) participate in formation sessions, 2) choose a sponsor, 3) participate in service, 4) choose a patron saint and 5) participate in the annual Spring Retreat.

Please review the dates, attendance policy, and required forms by clicking here.