Spring Retreat


Who: Grades 9-12

What: A weekend retreat for spiritual growth and new friendships

Where: TBD

When: March 17-19, 2023

Why: Our annual Spring Retreat gives our teens an opportunity to grow in faith-focused friendships, discover or renew a commitment to Christ through prayer and sacraments, and rest and recreate in the beauty of God's creation.

Registration Fee: TBD


Spring Retreat Packing List

  • a pillow 
  • twin bed sheets & blanket or a sleeping bag 
  • Casual and modest clothes – make sure your shirts and shorts are an appropriate length! It will be a bit cold this weekend! Pack accordingly.
  • PJs
  • a sweatshirt or Jacket – the nights and meeting space can be chilly
  • A nice pair of pants or jeans for Mass on Sunday - you will receive a t-shirt to wear!
  • Swimsuit** & beach towel – if you wish to swim
  • Towel and shower shoes
  • Shoes – tennis shoes or ones comfortable to walk in
  • Toiletries - shampoo, conditioner, body wash, tooth brush, toothpaste, brush
  • Journal, bible, rosary, something to write with
  • Reusable water bottle
  • A mask
  • Any medication you need to take – turn in to Staff at check-in!
  • Optional: a snack for the bus ride, frisbee, football, soccer ball, basketball, volleyball, deck of cards, board games

NOT NEEDED: phone (no reception), chargers, iPad, laptops, headphones, gaming systems

DO NOT BRING: alcohol, drugs, weapons – you will be sent home if these are found in your possession

** a note on swimsuits: Ladies, if you are wearing a 2-piece, please bring a shirt and shorts to wear over the swimsuit. If you are wearing a one-piece, bring some shorts to wear over your swimsuit.

Guys, your swim trunks must be an appropriate length and you will also be asked to wear a shirt with your swimsuits. 

If you have any questions about this rule, please contact Megan Byers 210-494-1959 ext. 346