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Catholic Questions and Answers

Have a question about God, life, the universe, or anything (and everything) else? You can submit a question to the youth ministry team (anonymously, if desired) and look forward to an answer!

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While you wait, you might check out some of these resources:

Catholic Answers: a website with a pretty comprehensive treasury of answers to many Catholic questions. The search bar on the home page is clutch.

Chastity Project: a ministry dedicated to helping young Catholics navigate the pursuit of healthy relationships. Resources discuss dating, friendships, and vocation, as well as provide answers regarding pornography, birth control, and similar topics.

Eden Invitation: a community of Catholic disciples whose experiences include same-sex attraction and/or gender discordance. Their resource pages are a treasure trove of information and consolation.

Life Teen Blog: a blog from Life Teen that discusses the realities of faith, culture, and community. Topics range from dating advice to prayer advice, from top 10 artists to the top 10 patron saints of young people.

Reason Faith Science: a website that is a great starting point for answering the question, "Is religion opposed to science?"