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Make-up Reflections


Hello Confirmation Prep Parents,

The following information will help your candidate complete make-up reflections for missed session.

Two very important notes:

1) Please keep in mind the Attendance Policy: Attendance is required for all sessions. As a minimum, candidates must participate in 18 of the 23 Sunday Sessions this year. This allows for a total of 5 excused absences. In order for an absence to be considered excused, advance notice is required (e.g. email, phone call, voicemail to youth ministry staff).

Upon a candidate’s 6th absence, youth ministry staff will contact the candidate’s parents to discuss the candidate’s participation and readiness. Celebration of the sacrament may be delayed in these cases.

2) Make-up assignments for missed sessions: Please click the button below and review the directions with your candidate and have them complete the required reflections for sessions missed. The Parent Letters for the sessions, which will be used in the reflection, are attached at the bottom of this page.

Instructions for Make-up Reflections

Please take note of the essential dates and dcouments linked on this page.

If you need to verify your candidate's attendance, please let us know. Please remain in communication with us about any of your concerns regarding absences, attendance, or the session schedule.

In Jesus Christ,

Megan and Maritza



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